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Termco Life Insurance Specialists

Termco Financial Services, Life insurance Specialists

Gil Edwards, President and CEO, a Life Insurance Specialist, works closely with institutional accounts and their clients to provide insurance expertise, case design and back office processing.

Our goal is to assist the institution throughout the planning/sales process by assisting the institution with carrier and product recommendations, field underwriting and application submission.

With over 28 years of life insurance sales and marketing experience, Gil Edwards has the tools and resources needed for the following specialty markets:

bulletCPA Networks
bulletEmployee Benefit Firms
bulletFinancial Consultants
bulletProperty and Casualty Agencies
bulletRegional Broker Dealers
bulletWealth Managers


See the "Services" page to learn more about how Termco-direct can help you become a more effective life insurance professional.

*The Simple Term life insurance product is issued by The American Life Insurance Company of New York ("American Life"), through its agent, Gil Edwards.  American Life's home office is located in New York, New York. The product is not a deposit and is not FDIC insured by any government agency. Life insurance contains exclusions and limitations, benefits may vary due to misstatement of age or sex. Policy is issued as policy form ALNY-SEL-03 or a variation thereof. Product may not be available in all states. CA License #0632878